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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Live Band At Your Wedding

1. Selecting the right entertainment for you and your guests


Top 40 cover bands or bands with a wide range of musical genres under their belt are almost always the best choice. The age range for wedding guests can run anywhere from 8 to 80 years old, all of which have a variety of musical tastes. You may be a huge Rush fan but your guests may not be so eager to hear that extended version of YYZ. Choose music that works for everyone and throw in a few songs here and there that are special to you.

2. Have the band playing by 9pm


Your wedding may go by in a blink for you and your wedding party but for your guests it can be a very long day, especially for the elderly and those with small children. A typical wedding is an entire day from 12pm - 1am, give or take. Be aware of how long your guests will have to sit and wait around. Sitting, drinking and eating a large meal can make people lethargic. Placing the speeches through out dinner service is a great way to maximize the personal experience while minimizing the time your guests feel obligated to stay in one place.  Once dessert is served, have the band get started so they can get everyone in the mood for dance filled evening.

3. Make sure the bar is in the same room as the band


Having a gorgeous well stocked bar at your wedding is essential, however if the bar is in another room or a wide comfortable atrium just outside the door it is a guaranteed dance floor killer. Many couples choose to close the bar during dinner service,  which almost always results in a surge of people flooding to the bar once dinner and speeches have concluded. If the bar is relatively close to the dance floor, the natural flow will keep people engaged. We have seen this time and time again. Trust us.

4. The right amount of light


Most people feel uncomfortable dancing on a brightly lit dance floor. Be sure that lights are dim enough to set the mood well as not too dark as to seem uninviting. Working with the hall before hand is very important as some venues have only an on or off option and acquiring additional lighting may be necessary. On the flip side, too much party lighting can make your dance floor seem like an over the top disco. Great lighting can make all the difference.

5. Engage with your band


Having a live band is personal experience. Be sure to place the band in a location where guests feel like they can easily interact with them. Though they may in some cases be responsible for playing recorded music during their breaks, they are not a DJ. Live bands bring a very different feel to an evening, they are meant to be seen as well as heard. Give them the opportunity to do what they do best to truly make your night special and memorable.

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