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We've had the honour and pleasure of being part of many great and memorable weddings.

Here are few kind words and feedback we got from some of our wedding clients.

"These guys will knock your socks off. Top class entertainment all the way..."

We said from the first time we saw the Doubts play, that our goal was to have them play a party for us, either our wedding, or when we won the lottery. Well we haven’t won the lottery yet, but we did get married, and the first thing we did was to make sure the Doubts would be available for the date we wanted, yes, this was second only to our venue in the things we did not want to compromise on.  Unlike many people who are looking for a wedding DJ or Band, they haven’t seen them play before or get to know the group or person beforehand, we have been lucky in the 6+ years we’ve been following them to get to know them personally as well as professionally.  These guys will knock your socks off. Top class entertainment all the way. Erin helped bring my music vision to light and found me the absolutely most perfect version of my not so traditional  request. Neil became our Master of Ceremonies and delivered, he was serious when needed, light hearted throughout and spot on with humor.  They had never played our venue before, but made sure that their sound was right for the space, played what people wanted to hear, and did it all with joy, enthusiasm and professionalism.  Now we need to win the lottery so we can do it again.

Thank you so much for help making our Wedding what we so wanted it to be.


- Jodie and Wendall  (aka Joey and Warren)

Jodie & Wendall 
Hamilton, ON 
Paulette & Richard 
Toronto, ON 


"The dance floor was on fire all night long!..."



"If you are looking for a band that is extremely talented, interactive, reliable, and loads of fun look no further! The Doubts played at our wedding and three others that we attended and each time they blew the crowd away. The dance floor was on fire all night long! The Doubts go above and beyond and even helped me write and perform a song for my husband at our wedding. They are a pleasure to work with and were without a doubt the highlight of our wedding reception!"

- Paulette and Richard

Miranda & Jay 
Toronto, ON 
"... their ability to read the room and
play music that everyone loved."

"We wanted our wedding to be the biggest, best, most amazing party we could possibly throw... and the Doubts made that happen! We were so impressed, not only with their talent and how great the music sounded, but also with their ability to read the room and play music that everyone loved. They brought the crowd up when it was party time, and down when we needed to make speeches. Throughout the night, they kept people on the dance floor, and months later, our friends and family continue to tell us what a highlight the band at our wedding was. 

Thanks for making our wedding so, so, so much fun!" 


- Miranda & Jay

"They do a great job incorporating the audience 
into their performance."

The one thing we knew for certain going into our Wedding was that The Doubts were going to put on a great show and have people dancing all night. Having music that catered to people of all ages was a very important thing for us, and this band is just perfect for that. It doesn't matter what type of music you enjoy, these guys will have you dancing and smiling.


From having our guests join them on stage for songs, to having "Gangnam Style" dance-off competitions, this band makes sure their audience is having a blast.


They even accommodated our request to create a slow rendition of Serena Ryder's "What I Wouldn't Do" for our first dance, which we were extremely impressed with. Another thing we noticed was that they made sure their sound was strong, but not overpowering.

People had a blast on the dance floor, but were also able to have conversations easily,

which Sarah and I really appreciated.


We highly recommend The Doubts to anyone who is looking to have a good time, and listen to great music. The band is truly talented and professional. More importantly though, they are great people who genuinely cared about Sarah and I having the best day ever.

Thank you guys! Can't wait to see you play again.


- Sarah & Rob

Sarah & Rob Cote 
Toronto, ON
Gary Green (Father Of The Bride)
Huntsville, ON
"I have been in the TV Business as an NHL Hockey Broadcaster for 31 years and I know what good entertainment is... and I have absolutely only the highest recommendations at choosing "The Doubts" for your wedding reception, corporate or personal event."

As The Father of the Bride, one of my many responsibilities was to "be in charge of the music

at the reception." My daughter and her soon to be husband were expecting a DJ, but I had other plans and I wanted them to be surprised by a Live Band that evening. When I came upon

The Doubts, my concerns were as most people would assume.....I had never been at a wedding reception or an event where they had played, so outside of a great web site and listening to some sample songs, how was I to know for sure that they were the right choice? My fears were diminished when they invited me to one of their rehearsals. After meeting them and spending an evening with them, I knew I had made the right choice and signed the contract that night. They not only were extremely talented, but were as nice of people to be with as you could ever hope for.

The rest is a real tribute to Eric, Erin and the rest of the band. They were so great at communicating with me, giving us lots of choices in music, learning the song that my daughter and her husband- to- be had chosen for their wedding dance (of course believing it to be a simple request of the DJ), and making sure that it would be a surprise....right down to having drapery in front of the band

set up in the hall until my daughter and her husband walked in.

The energy and excitement that The Doubts delivered that evening was without question, a HUGE highlight of the whole day. The dance floor was always full and people were dancing and clapping their hands by their tables....both young and old alike. There was music for everyone. In between sets, the fun never stopped as the band also supplied DJ services so the dancing kept on going.

I have been in the TV business as an NHL Hockey Broadcaster for 31 years and I know what good entertainment is......and I have absolutely only the highest of recommendations at choosing

" The Doubts" for your wedding reception, corporate or personal event.

You and your guests will have just a great time. That one I will guarantee!

- Gary Green

Cindy & Walter Pecnik   
Toronto, ON
"You guys were always accommodating,
easy to work with and positive."

It was very important for Walter to have a live band at our wedding. The problem was how to find the "perfect" live band for our wedding. Well, mission accomplished. Walter and I knew from the first time we saw you play that The Doubts would play our wedding. We couldn't have found a more perfect group of people to not only rock our guests, but to work with throughout the process.


You guys were always accommodating, easy to work with and positive. We appreciated you learning the songs we asked and letting Walter and his best man get up on stage to play a few songs with you.

We would to thank you for being a memorable part of our special day. Everyone still talks about the all the fun they had dancing to live music. If we had to have a wedding all over again, The Doubts would be there!


- Cindy & Walter

Photo c/o Christopher Lu


"they are so easy going, with tonnes of energy and are incredible at adapting to whats going on and keeping the crowd going."

These guys are absolutely awesome! Leading up to our wedding they worked with us to build a set list and were flexible and open to all of our requests. On the day, they were punctual, professional and worked directly with the venue to make sure everything was set up. They really delivered when it came to the performance - they are so easy going, with tonnes of energy and are incredible at adapting to whats going on and keeping the crowd going. It was also a huge asset that they were able to take care of the DJing between sets. We would HIGHLY recommend them!!


- Ashley & Matt


Ashley & Matt Gould 
Niagara on the Lake, ON
Carolyn & Jacob Damon   
Strathroy, ON
"We saw you play at a friend's wedding and knew immediately
that we needed you to play at our's."

The Doubts.


We can't thank you guys enough for the amazing job you did at our wedding. The energy and talent that you brought to the evening was incredible.


We saw you play at a friend's wedding and knew immediately that we needed you to play at our's (we weren't even engaged and we'd picked the band). Eric and Erin - so professional and easy to work with. You sure know how to plan a show! Neil - what a great personality, you never let the party die down.


Our guests could not stop raving about about you guys. Pretty obvious because the dance floor was packed from the second you started until you packed up your van (with one of our passed out groomsmen inside).


You were so accommodating with learning new songs and some special requests, including the background music for the bestman's rhythmic dance.


You played to the crowd so well - such a wide array of songs that appealed to everyone. Pretty much nothing that you guys couldn't play! So many of our guests have asked for your contact info so we are pretty sure we will see you guys soon!


Thank you so much for a night we will never forget



- Jacob and Carolyn

Kelly & Case Aldoub 
Caledon, ON
"The Doubts have this energy that I've only seen in live shows.  People are excited when they get up on stage to play.
And the dance floor just gets flooded"

When most people talk about fate, usually, they're talking about things like true love, getting the perfect job, or getting to go on some adventure. I think, however,

that fate also stretches to hiring awesome bands.


And there is no better—or more awesome—band than The Doubts.


A series of mishaps led to meeting Eric, from The Doubts. From the start he was funny, professional, and interesting. We hoped these qualities would carry over to his band, especially after we signed them without hearing them play first (gulp).

But it was one of those perfect decisions that happened for our wedding.

We wanted our wedding to fun—and a little wild.

And I definitely wanted my dance floor to be packed. Packed it was.


The Doubts have this energy that I've only ever seen in live shows.

People are excited when they get up on stage to play. And the dance floor just gets flooded.


Everyone talked about how much fun they had at my wedding.

It was exactly what I wanted, but it never would have happened without these guys.


The best part about the group was we never had to worry about them. We told them the first dance, processional, and recessional songs. They took care of the rest. We didn't even give them a do not play list. It wasn't needed. There was no birdie dance or YMCA at this wedding. It was just a whole bunch of amazing songs that kept everyone on the dance floor.


We plan to become the band's groupies. And we're pretty sure that if you hear them play once,  you'll want to do the same. They are AMAZING!


Thank you so much for helping make my wedding everything that we wanted.


- Kelly and Case


Natalie & David Laserson  
Toronto, ON
"We cancelled the DJ and booked The Doubts the very next day."

After we got engaged, one of the first things we wanted to book was the Disc Jockey. We were convinced that a disc jockey would be best able to entertain guests from all ages and backgrounds.


With 4 months left before our wedding, we attended the grocery foundation's night to nurture and the Doubts' performance had us running to the stage at the end of the night to see if they would play our our Wedding. We cancelled the DJ and booked the doubts the very next day.


The whole group was very accomodating coming up to our special day, even mastering a mean Hora and a few of our requests. The Doubts started the evening with a surprise bongo cadenza at our ceremony and after playing some easy tunes during the reception, the Doubts played the night away and become one of the most talked about component of our party.


- Natalie & David Laserson


Kevin & Kynsi Horton 
Toronto, ON
"when the band took the stage.. the atmosphere was electric."

After seeing The Doubts perform in Bradford last March,

we were thrilled to book them for our wedding on August 20, 2011.


The members of the band were true professionals, not only as talented musicians but throughout the planning process leading up to our big day. Eric is fantastic to deal with and put our minds at ease that everything would run smoothly. We had a hectic schedule that day, but we never worried about the band showing up on time and being ready to go. One of the members of the band, Neil, did an outstanding job with the M/C duties and kept things flowing nicely. When the band took to the stage to start the dance portion of the evening the atmosphere was electric. My wife and I didn't want to leave the dance floor the entire evening.


We received rave compliments from all age groups about the talent level of the band and their vast repertoire of songs. They make every song sound great. I feel that the best thing about this band is the way they integrate with the guests and support the wedding activities (intros, games, speeches) that take place throughout the evening. By the end of the night  we felt like the band were part of the wedding party and not just there to play a gig.

We can't wait to see them again in a bar or at another event!


- Kevin & Kynsi


"You most definitely made our wedding
even more than I had hoped for!!."

Hi Eric and The Doubts,


When I pictured what my wedding day was going to be like I never imagined how awesome the music was going to be! I am pretty sure that each and every one of the 143 guest that we had over the next day as part of our Ukrainian custom asked where we found the amazing band!!!!


I have truthfully never seen so many of my friends and family on the dance floor! The dance floor was packed all night!!! You could only get on if someone got off! Some of the older couples said, that the music was loud but they didn't even mind! When they weren't dancing (because the music was more "modern" and they didn't recognize it) they really enjoyed watching all the "kids" dancing!!!


People commented that your range of music was out of this world! My nieces and nephews loved Justin Beiber. I loved that you played Raise Your Glass by Pink, and found and played my specially requested song by Robyn. My husband loved that you played (She Ain't Nothing but a Golddigger) and the older people loved Brown Eyed Girl.


Not sure if you noticed the guy dancing with the were so good he wouldn't get off the dance floor! You got this Bride to dance like crazy... it's Tuesday and my feet still hurt! My Mother loved your lead singer and how she engaged the audience. She was so vibrant and seemed to really be enjoying performing all night long. Of particular note, was the amazing surprise you gave me outside of the church ceremony. Your beautiful rendition of "All You need is Love" by the Beatles, made me cry it was spectacular.


I'll never ever forget the music at our wedding. They say that the band makes the wedding. You most definitely made our wedding even more than I had hoped for!!!! PS....Do you do Christenings?


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



- Christina


John & Christina Slade  
Orillia, ON
"you were all so accommodating to our requests and we know you went above and beyond to put on such a great show."

Hi Eric, Erin, Neil and everyone in The Doubts,


I just wanted to write and tell you how incredibly happy Cindy and I were

that you were the band for our wedding.


I cannot tell you how many people have been raving about you and the work

that you put into the night. People were so impressed with your energy levels,

your sense of humour, and the songs you were playing all night long.

You rocked the hora by the way! You were all so accommodating to our requests

and we know you went above and beyond to put on such a great show

on Sunday night. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Thanks again!

Josh & Cindy


Josh & Cindy Shultz 
Vaughn, ON
".. with the hoards of kids we had at the wedding... you'd think these kids had gone to their first rock concert... these guys will not disappoint and surpass all of your expectations!"

Hi Eric and the Doubts,


Amazing, amazing job! You guys literally rocked the house. You were super accommodating learning an acoustic version of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time and basically anything we requested. Eric playing with Matt's nephew for my entrance song touched everyone's heart and was definitely one of the major highlights of the day. We fell in love with the Doubts when we went to hear them rehearse. You guys definitely performed beyond our expectations and with the hoards of kids we had at the wedding, you even had glow sticks to impress them. Btw, I didn't hear the end of it about those glow sticks. You'd think these kids had gone to their first rock concert and not our wedding.


For anyone who's looking...look no more. These guys will not disappoint and will surpass all of your expectations. For both our second marriages, we'd both hire you again! LOL


- Khai-Nhu & Matt Zweig


Khai-Nhu & Matt Zweig 
Vaughn, ON
"The band was very easy to get a hold of and very responsive during the planning stages. They went out of their way on a number of occasions to make everything perfect."

We hired "The Doubts" to perform at our wedding and they were the highlight of the night! They were professional, accommodating, and friendly and their performance was absolutely amazing.


Their website and friendly nature made it very easy to organize the evening. We created a song list and The Doubts even learned a number of songs to make our day truly special. The band was very easy to get a hold of and very responsive during the planning stages. They went out of their way on a number of occasions to make everything perfect.


On the day of the wedding they were the first ones to the venue ensuring that everything was set up and ready to go. They announced the wedding party, learned our first dance and even played happy birthday to my wife's niece. It was simple things like this that sets them apart and we were so happy with the evening. At the time of the dance, they stole the show and there wasn't an individual that didn't make their way onto the dance floor. They play everything from classic rock to top 40 and have a certain charisma that ensures a great time.


All we can say is that you will not be disappointed with The Doubts. I've been to a number of weddings and a DJ cannot compare with a live band. Especially The Doubts. A friend has already booked them again to play his parents 25th wedding anniversary. We can't wait to see them again as they are fun loving, professional people that put on an amazing performance.


- Katrina & Sean


Katrina & Sean Boychuk
Stoney Creek, ON
"On Time. On Budget. Highly Professional."

No Doubt

Anyone out there looking for the WOW factor for their wedding should consider live music and I have no doubt that The Doubts are the one to really give it to you.

The Doubts had a tough crowd going in. An Italian/Jewish wedding with 250 of our closest friends and family. About 25 of which were visiting from Europe. Let me say that there was not one table empty when these guys hit the stage. It was like being at a private concert!

I would highly recommend this band for any wedding, bar mitzvah, family reunion, anniversary or company party. They were not only entertaining, but hit all of my requirements: On Time. On Budget. Highly Professional.


- Mike & Giovina


Mike & Giovina Zembowski 
Vaughn, ON
"The band was amazing, they made the night so much fun!!!"

We chose The Doubts for our wedding reception entertainment solely based on their website. We had never seen or heard them play, nor met them in person

prior to booking them for the night.


Since the wedding, we have seldom heard much of how great we looked, 

or how romantic the wedding was, etc. all we ever hear is.....

"The band was amazing, they made the night so much fun!!!"

They played everything and anything we wanted and

even participated in the "getting the bride and groom to kiss" events.

Thank you for being a great band, great MC, and overall great entertainers.

We are working on finding excuses to hire you again in the near future!


- Graham & Evangeline

Graham & Evangeline Sled
Coldwater, ON
"We saw a couple of bands, but none met our expectations... we travelled.. to see The Doubts play and we loved the way they got the crowd going at the event."

"Wow THE DOUBTS were amazing"

Our July 23, 2010 wedding was a great success thanks to THE DOUBTS.

THE DOUBTS turn out to be one of our best Vendors. Our guests were very impressed and were constantly asking us where we found them. My girlfriends commented on how they could not believe how their husbands that never dance were moving their booty on the dance floor. Others commented on how they regret just having a DJ at their wedding and that if they would to do it again they would for sure have a live band. Each song sung by the band sounded as if we were listening to the real artist.

We have been planning our wedding for 2.5 years. We saw a couple of bands, but none met our expectations when we saw them live. We travelled from Toronto to Barrie to see THE DOUBTS play and we loved the way they got the crowd going at the event.

We were very happy with their talent and would strongly recommend THE DOUBTS. Eric was a pleasure to deal with and did a great job in answering my questions in a timely manner. We love to dance and THE DOUBTS kept us dancing all night long. We had the best times of our lives. It was very evident that each band member was very passionate about the music and without a doubt it was truly a very memorable experience.


- Elwira & Anastassios


Elwira & Anastassios Roumboutsos
Toronto, ON
"...their energy, professionalism and obvious musical talent
made our special day absolutely phenomenal!"

THE DOUBTS are by far the best decision my husband and I made as we were planning our wedding celebration. Their energy, professionalism and obvious musical talent made our special day absolutely phenomenal! And all this for an exceptionally reasonable price!


My husband Kris and I chose THE DOUBTS to perform at our February 27th wedding after having made the decision early on in our planning that we wanted a live band. As a high school music teacher and musician myself, I knew how much live music could add to our celebration, and set out to find us the perfect "wedding band". When I happened across THE DOUBTS

and heard their unique blend of rock, pop, soul and blues, I was intrigued,

and looked forward to hearing more.


From our first meeting at a DOUBTS rehearsal, Eric and the other members of THE DOUBTS made Kris and I feel welcomed. We watched and listened with growing appreciation for their talents and energy as they performed tune after tune at our request. What impressed me most was how all of the members of the band were so passionate about their performances, and thoroughly engaged in making each song uniquely special. After that night, it was a foregone conclusion that Kris and I would choose THE DOUBTS as our wedding band!


Throughout the process of planning the wedding, Eric and Neil were so helpful.

They even learned our first dance song and our entrance music for us!

I was also very pleased and excited when Eric encouraged me to learn a song to sing myself with him and the band, just for Kris. The whole rehearsal process was fun and proved to me even more just how talented the band is. Being able to show Kris in a musical way just how much I love him made a special night even MORE special and romantic.


All told, the day was everything that Kris and I hoped for and more. Much of the praise we received for the reception was due in part to THE DOUBTS' participation, bringing their collective passion for music to our aid to ensure we had the time of our lives, and a day that will remain in our guests minds as "one of the best weddings they've ever attended".


- Jennifer & Kris

Jennifer & Kris Barnier
Toronto, ON
"...made our reception fun, romantic and so memorable."

I booked The Doubts to perform at my Oct. 24th wedding. We were absolutely blown away by the band's performance. Right from the early planning stages they were so accomodating and amazing to work with. They learned the songs we requested and performed them to perfection.


Throughout the night they were so easy going, professional and made me feel at ease. Our guests were thrilled with their performance and could not stop raving about how great they were. The Doubts made our reception fun, romantic and so memorable. I HIGHLY recommend booking them for your next function.

Thank you for an unforgettable wedding experience!


- Antonette


Antonette Perricone - Galluzzo
Mississauga, ON
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