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Thoughts from the Band:


Erin: Need a feel good song to make your night? Then John's Your man. From Love Shack to Psycho Killer he's got 'em covered


Neil: .Everyone Loves John, he's just awesome like that


Eric:  John is one the longest standing members of The Doubts besides myself, its been an absolute pleasure to share the stage and this journey with him... we've seen all the ups and downs, the different changes in singers, drummers, bassists, guitarists.. its been quite the ride... ohhh the memories... its gonna be a great book one day...


Full Name: John Daly


Birthday: Your guess is as  good as ours...


City Born: Emerald City, OZ


Current Equipment Used:

Gibson Les Paul


Instruments played: A little of this , a little of that


Previous Bands:

The Dawgs

Go Bimbo Go

Most Memorable (Favorite) Gig:

All of them!


Favorite Songs to play:

Anything by Ke$ha


Least Favorite songs to play.

We'll be sure to ask him. John seems to love everyone and everything. All the time. What's it like John? Is it nice? ... *sigh*



Past time:  Sleeping between sets

Animal:  Cats and Cougars

Food:   Food.

Colour:  Glitter!



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