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Full Name: Erin Elizabeth Benoit

aka bOOmbOx aka bOOm 


Birthday: June 18, 1983  


City Born:  Iroquois Falls, Ontario


Current Equipment Used:

Shure Beta Super 55

Fender Mustang

Juicy well seasoned vocal chords with a dash

of Stevie Nicks and a sprinkle of good ol' days


Instruments played:

Bass, Piano, Drums


Previous Bands:


Tyler & Erin

Wyde Raydio

Flamingo & Winkie Wonderbahs


Most Memorable (Favorite) Gig:

Jacob and Carolyn Damen's Wedding

Favorite Songs to play:

Sweet Caroline, Thunderstruck, White Rabbit,

Dreams, Rhiannon, Magic Man, Royals, I Will Wait


Least Favorite songs to play.

Call Me Maybe, anything by Ke$ha, 

Summer of 69, Freebird & Mustang Sally



Color: Red

Movie: Fifth Element

Food: Chips

Artists: Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Etta James,

James Brown, Nina Simone, Elton John, The Beatles and Mary Poppins




Thoughts from fellow Doubts



Love Erin to bits. Of all the band members, we are the tightest, we talk almost every day. She is truly a vocal phenom, love her energy on stage and her commitment level to The Doubts rivals only myself.

I trust her. And I know she's always got my back.


Lead Vocals

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